Open Source Working Group Agenda

Thursday, 27 October 12:00 - 13:30

A. Administrative Matters - Working Group Chairs [5-10 min]
  • Welcome
  • Finalise agenda
  • Approval of minutes from previous WG meeting(s)
  • Review of action list
B. PCAP BGP Parser - Christoph Dietzel, DE-CIX [15 mins]

Network operations increasingly rely on tools and features to perform in-depth analysis of Internet routing behaviour to optimise traffic flows or dissect DDoS attacks. In particular, IXPs commonly operate software routers such as BIRD or Quagga as BGP route servers. However, the implemented data processing features and tools are somewhat limited. BIRD does not support continues BGP exports, MRT dumps allow a post-best-path-selection view only, and the tshark BGP filtering capabilities are limited, just to name a few.

In this talk, we present a TCP dump BGP parser to overcome these limitations. The raw packets can be captured with tcpdump at the network interface of any software router and either be processed as a live-stream or stored and analysed subsequently. For a post-mortem analysis, the BGP parser comes with a rich set of filters and export formats to meet the desired level of granularity. The presentation will showcase some compelling examples. Moreover, the tool can be extended as favoured since it is available as open source project at GitHub.
C. DHCPKit presentation – Sander Steffann [20 mins]

DHCPKit is a fully customisable DHCPv6 server. It was initially written for ISPs to provision FttH customers but because of its flexible architecture, it can be used in almost any setup. Behaviour can be customised with simple plugins. Some examples are an Apache Kafka based distributed looking glass, simple CSV-file-based prefix delegation and rate limiting. This presentation will give an introduction to DHCPKit and show how it can be customised.
D. Automated management of Continuous Integration Jobs - Ondřej Surý, CZ.NIC

When you start testing your software using continuous integration you might start small where manual management is easy. But when you grow bigger it becomes tedious and there comes point in time when you have to do it automatically. In this presentation, I will look at different approaches how to use your CI in an automated way using reuseable configuration to describe a CI jobs on top of several Open Source CI tools: Jenkins Job Builder // Build Bot // Gitlab CI.
E. Lightning Updates [20 mins]

These are short updates on different relevant open source projects.
  • E1. OpenVPN Update: 2.4_alpha2 Release, Overview of New Features [10 min]
    Gert Doering
  • E2. Bird's Eye: A Simple Secure Micro Service for Querying Bird [10min]
    Nick Hillard (on behalf of IXP-Tools-Hackahton team: Matthias Hannig, Michael Cardell Widerkrantz, Barry O'Donovan, Daniel Karrenberg, Daniel Melani, Jan Paul Dekker)