Presentation Archive

Presenter NameSessionPresentation Title
David BarrosoTutorialHow to abstract and automate your network2016-10-10
Aaron HughesNRO/RIR ReportsARIN Update2016-10-19
Cristobal Loper CañasOpening PlenaryCristóbal López, ESPANIX2016-10-24
Andrei RobachevskyPlenaryTwo years of good MANRS2016-10-19
Ricardo OliveiraPlenaryDecoding Performance Data from Large-Scale Internet Outages2016-10-22
Franziska LichtblauConnectIllegitimate Source IP Addresses at Internet Exchange Points2016-10-23
Ioana LivadariuPlenaryMeasuring the IPv4 Transfer Markets2016-10-23
Jan ZorzBCOP Task ForceBCOP for Operators: IPv6 Assignments for End-Users2016-10-23
Jordi Palet MartinezOpening PlenaryIPv6 Deployment Survey (Residential/Household Services)2016-10-24
Annie EdmundsonPlenaryStudying Transnational Routing Detours through Surveillance State2016-10-23
Ricardo SchmidtPlenaryAnycast Latency: How Many Sites Are Enough?2016-10-24
Ricardo SchmidtPlenaryAnycast vs. DDoS: Evaluating the November 2015 Root DNS Event2016-10-24
Roy ArendsPlenaryRolling the Root Zone DNSSEC Key Signing Key2016-10-24
Chris BuckridgeCooperationRIPE NCC Update: What's Going on in the ITU?2016-10-27
Philipp RichterOpening PlenaryA Multi-Perspective Analysis of Carrier-Grade NAT Deployment2016-10-24
Leslie CarrPlenaryShow Me the Money2016-10-24
Joanna KuleszaCooperationCybersecurity Due Diligence - and ISP Perspective2016-10-24
Hans Petter HolenNewcomers' IntroductionRIPE 1012016-10-24
Axel PawlikNewcomers' IntroductionRIPE NCC 1012016-10-24
Shane KerrOpening PlenaryRIPE Meeting Gender Metrics2016-10-24
Andrei RobachevskyBCOP Task ForceMANRS BCOP2016-10-24
Hans Petter HolenOpening PlenaryWelcome to RIPE 732016-10-24
João Luis Silva DamasOpening PlenaryJoão Damas, ESNOG2016-10-24
Guillermo CicileoBCOP Task ForceReport on What's Going On LAC Region re BCOP [10 min] Guillermo Cicileo (LACNIC)2016-10-24
Geoff HustonPlenaryECDSA2016-10-24
Geoff HustonClosing PlenaryIPv6 Performance – Revisited2016-10-24
Athina FragkouliPlenaryAccountability and You: How Accountable is the RIPE Community?2016-10-24
Geoff HustonIPv6IPv6 and the DNS2016-10-24
Jan Zorz and Benno OvereinderBCOP Task ForceAdministrative Matters and Agenda Bashing2016-10-24
Hans Petter HolenPlenaryRIPE Chair Selection Procedure2016-10-25
Talgat NurlybayevRACICase Study of BGP Asymmetric Routing in Kazakhstan Research and Education Network (KazRENA)2016-10-24
Victoria BeltránRACIARM-compliant Architecture for an IoT User-centric Platform: SMARTIE2016-10-25
Sander SteffannBCOP Task ForceIPv6 for Enterprises2016-10-24
Vasileios GiotsasPlenaryPERISCOPE: Standardizing and Orchestrating Looking Glass2016-10-24
Gabi NakiblyAnti-AbuseWebsite-Targeted False Content Injection by Network Operators - Gabi Nakibly2016-10-24
Wouter de VriesPlenaryThe Impact of Routing on Anycast2016-10-24
David FernándezPlenarySoloWAN: Open Source WAN Optimization2016-10-25
Matthew WalsterConnectPeer Speed-Dating2016-10-25
Francois ContatPlenaryABH - Advanced Blackholing2016-10-25
Hans Petter HolenPlenaryNRO NC Candidates Introduction2016-10-25
Greg MounierPlenaryWho is Accuracy and Public Safety2016-10-25
Jen LinkovaIPv6Administrative Matters2016-10-25
Jen LinkovaIPv6Opening slides2016-10-25
Sebastian CastroMATCountry Topology Map Using Atlas2016-10-25
Elise GerichPlenaryIANA Services Update2016-10-25
Ron da SilvaNRO/RIR ReportsICANN Board Update2016-10-25
Remco van MookMATAdd System Tag for the Probes Behind "Nanny Filter"2016-10-25
Richard SheehanPlenaryNetwork Fault Detection and Isolation at Facebook2016-10-25
James QuinnPlenaryBeing Open: How Facebook Got Its Edge2016-10-25
Carlos FriacasIPv6IPv6 at RCTS (AS1930)2016-10-26
Craig ThompsonPlenaryOpen Optical Monitoring2016-10-25
Alex BandDatabaseRedesigning rDNS2016-10-27
Soroush Rafiee RadConnectModelling The BGP Network: A Dynamic Logic Approach2016-10-25
Kurt Erik LindqvistRIPE NCC ServicesAgenda2016-10-26
Erik BaisAddress Policy2015-04 RIPE Resource Transfer Policies2016-10-26
Remco van MookConnectIntroduction2016-10-25
Cristián VarasMATA practical comparison between RIPE Atlas and ProbeAPI2016-10-26
Benedikt RudolphRACIUniversal Looking Glass2016-10-25
Marco SchmidtAddress PolicyCurrent Policy Topics - Marco Schmidt, NCC PDO2016-10-25
Erik BaisAddress PolicyEnd of IPv4 … And the road ahead … for AP-WG2016-10-25
Jan ZorzIPv6BCOP for Operators: IPv6 prefix delegation for end-users - static or dynamic and what size to choose.2016-10-26
Gert DöringAddress PolicyWorking Group Steering Slides2016-10-26
Vasileios GiotsasRACIDetecting Remote Peers at IXPs2016-10-25
Sander SteffannOpen SourceDHCPKit presentation – Sander Steffann2016-10-26
Nick HilliardAddress PolicySupermarket Checkouts, Airline Hand-Luggage and Other Trivia2016-10-25
Alain DurandIPv6IPv6 Deployment in Countries in Relation to their GDP per Capita2016-10-26
Andrea CimaAddress PolicyFeedback from RIPE NCC Registration Services - Andrea Cima2016-10-26
Maximilian WilhelmAddress Policy2016-04 IPv6 PI Sub-assignment Clarification2016-10-26
Soroush Rafiee RadConnectModelling The BGP Network: A Dynamic Logic Approach2016-10-26
Marco HogewoningBoFOpen Mic: The IoT is Coming…Should We Hide or Not?2016-10-26
Maria HällRIPE NCC ServicesRIPE NCC External Engagement2016-10-26
Ondřej SurýOpen SourceAutomated management of Continuous Integration Jobs - Ondřej Surý, CZ.NIC2016-10-26
Salam YamoutRIPE NCC ServicesGood of the Internet Initiatives2016-10-26
Remco van MookAddress Policy2016-03 Locking Down the Final /8 Policy2016-10-26
Vasileios GiotsasConnectRemote Peering Jedi2016-10-26
Laura KaplanNRO/RIR ReportsLACNIC Update2016-10-26
Benedikt RudolphConnectScaling BIRD Route Servers2016-10-26
Ondřej CaletkaIPv6E-mail Services on IPv6-only2016-10-26
Anna WilsonMATCrowdsourced monitoring for wifi networks2016-10-26
John LabanOpening PlenaryOCP open source hardware keynote perhaps for next RIPE?2016-10-26
Nina BargisenMATIntroduction2016-10-26
Leslie CarrConnectReview : Show Me the Money2016-10-26
Robert KistelekiMATRIPE Atlas update2016-10-26
Vaibhav BajpaiIPv6Measuring the Effects of Happy Eyeballs2016-10-26
Ben MaddisonRoutingMANRS BCOP Update2016-10-26
Luuk HendriksMATWhat’s hiding behind IPv6 extension headers?2016-10-26
Christoph DietzelOpen SourcePCAP BGP Parser – Christoph Dietzel, DE-CIX2016-10-27
Serge RadovcicRIPE NCC ServicesRIPE NCC 2016 Survey Results2016-10-26
Axel PawlikRIPE NCC ServicesRIPE NCC Outlook 2016-20172016-10-26
Arthur CardinalNRO/RIR ReportsAFRINIC Update2016-10-26
Julf HelsingiusCooperationIntro - Julf2016-10-26
Andrew de la HaijeRIPE NCC ServicesRIPE NCC Operational Update2016-10-26
Nick HilliardConnectExporting Flow Telemetry for Fun and Profit2016-10-26
Working Group ChairsOpen SourceAdministrative Matters2016-10-26
Alexander AzimovRoutingISP Border Definition2016-10-26
Zen Chuan NgNRO/RIR ReportsAPNIC Update2016-10-26
Nick HilliardOpen SourceBird's Eye: A Simple Secure Micro Service for Querying Bird2016-10-27
Jaap AkkerhuisDNSImpact of New gTLD on the Root System2016-10-26
Job SnijdersRoutingLarge BGP Communities2016-10-27
Johan IhrénDNSThe Changing DNS Market - A Technical Perspective2016-10-27
João DamasRoutingAdministrivia2016-10-27
Ingrid WijteNRO/RIR ReportsNRO Statistics Report2016-10-27
Robert KistelekiRoutingIXP Hackathon Report2016-10-27
Marco HogewoningCooperationIPv6 and Government Update2016-10-27
Achilleas KemosCooperationEU 5G Action Plan2016-10-27
Marcus KeaneIPv6IPv6 and IPv6-only Deployment in Microsoft2016-10-27
Brian NisbetAnti-AbuseAA-WG Agenda, RIPE 732016-10-27
Gert DöringOpen SourceOpenVPN 2.4 Update2016-10-27
Greg MounierAnti-AbuseWHOIS Accuracy and Public Safety2016-10-27
Athina FragkouliAnti-AbuseRIPE NCC Presentation2016-10-27
Tim BruijnzeelsDatabaseDatabase Operational Update2016-10-27
Shane KerrDNSDomain Like an Egyptian2016-10-27
Sebastian CastroDNSIn the Search of Resolvers2016-10-27
Anna WilsonIPv6Open Mic: What Does Success Look Like?2016-10-27
Job SnijdersDatabaseWG Chairs Selection & discussion on DB-WG2016-10-27
Job SnijdersDatabaseReview of Numbered Work Items2016-10-27
Piotr StrzyzewskiDatabaseAfrinic IRR Homing Project Update2016-10-27
Ondřej SurýDNSOMG! A DNS firewall2016-10-27
Sandoche BalakrichenanDNSZonemaster, a DNS Validation Tool2016-10-27
Anand BuddhdevDNSRIPE NCC DNS Update2016-10-27
Paul WilsonNRO/RIR ReportsNRO EC Update2016-10-27
Jerry LundströmDNSdnscap + CBOR == TRUE2016-10-27
Leslie CarrNRO/RIR ReportsMirai Will Ruin Your Day2016-10-27
Geoff HustonNRO/RIR ReportsA Speculation on DNS DDOS2016-10-27
Carlos FriacasNRO/RIR ReportsINHOPE - Fighting CSAM2016-10-27
maryClosing PlenaryThe Art of Stenography2016-10-28
Evgeny UskovClosing PlenaryGlobal Looking Glass or BGP Graph for Humans2016-10-28
Gabriel LucasClosing commons network2016-10-28
Menno SchepersClosing PlenaryRIPE NCC Technical Report2016-10-28
Hans Petter HolenClosing PlenaryClosing Remarks2016-10-28