Monday, 24 October 10:00 - 12:00

How to abstract and automate your network
David Barroso

In this tutorial we will learn how to build abstractions to automate the network. Our end goal will be to provide a simple mechanism to deploy services on a multi-vendor environment that might be consumed by users with only basic knowledge about networking.

The tutorial will consist of several steps, each one building on the last so as to meet our goals:
  1. We will first learn how to interact with our devices via their respective APIs.
  2. We will then look at abstracting vendors' APIs, and write code that can work across multiple vendors.
  3. With the APIs abstracted, we will move onto abstracting vendors' configuration syntax.
  4. Then we will define the services we want to provide and the data needed to build them using YAML files, which will allow us to mock our code and perform quick tests on it.
  5. With the services defined and the data well defined, we will integrate our configuration management system with a backend.
  6. Finally, with all the pieces in place, we will build the abstractions so our end users can build and deploy network services on-demand.

Where: Side Room


Monday, 24 October 10:00 - 12:00

RIPE Database Tips and Tricks
Gerardo Viviers and Pedro Vaz, RIPE NCC

In this two-hour tutorial we will cover different aspects of the RIPE Database that are perhaps not so well-known to the wider community, as well as new features aimed at improving user experience.

Topics we will talk about:

  • The Default Maintainer
  • Webupdates revisited
  • Registering IPv6 in the RIPE Database
  • The new syncupdates
  • Who are all those ā€˜-cā€™?
  • Share the love: delegating abuse-c
Where: Tutorial Room