Database Working Group Agenda

Thursday, 27 October 15:00 - 16:30

A. Administrative Matters [10 min]
  • Welcome
  • Select scribe (thanks to Nigel for volunteering again!)
  • Finalise agenda
  • Approval of minutes from previous WG meeting(s)
B. WG Chairs Selection & discussion on DB-WG [15 min]
C. Review of Numbered Work Items
NWI Model - Where are We?
[15 min]
Job Snijders
D. Database Operational Update [15 min]
Tim Bruijnzeels (RIPE NCC)
  • New and revised Database-Software functionality (proposed, test, deployment)
  • Recent Database Issues
E. Afrinic IRR Homing Project Update [10 min]
Piotr Strzy┼╝ewski
F. Recent Work on the UI Improvements [20 min]
Alex Band (RIPE NCC)
Y. Input from other Working Groups and/or Task Forces