10:04 < TimBruijnzeels_RIPENCC> Hi everyone, I'm Tim Bruijnzeels from the RIPE NCC. If you have questions/comments for the presenter and want me to read it out, please state your name/affiliation and I'll go to the mic when questions are called for. Keep in mind that there is up to a 30 second delay for remote participants, so it's better to get your questions in before the question period begins.
10:05 < TimBruijnzeels_RIPENCC> Gert Doering has begun the presentation "Administrative Matters"
10:09 < TimBruijnzeels_RIPENCC> The presentation has ended.
10:09 < TimBruijnzeels_RIPENCC> Marco Schmidt has begun the presentation "Current Policy Topics".
10:23 < TimBruijnzeels_RIPENCC> Marco Schmidt has asked for questions.
10:25 < GPF> Sebastian Wiesinger, speaking for myself: I think the AfriNIC transfer policy is fine. They will need the pool in the future and with the current situation in the other regions they have a good reason for doing so.
10:26 < GPF> Ah what gerd was telling was me actually so... okay
10:26 < TimBruijnzeels_RIPENCC> ah ok
10:26 < TimBruijnzeels_RIPENCC> Sander Stefann has begun the presentation "On Mailing List Discussions... (a reminder from the chair)".
10:30 < TimBruijnzeels_RIPENCC> Erik Bais has begun the presentation "2015-04 RIPE Resource Transfer Policies".
10:34 < TimBruijnzeels_RIPENCC> Erik Bais has asked for questions.
10:37 < GPF> 👆
10:37 < GPF> That looks like a middle finger.. I wanted to raise my hand
10:38 < TimBruijnzeels_RIPENCC> Remco van Mook has begun the presentation "2016-03 Locking Down the Final /8 Policy".
10:38 < TimBruijnzeels_RIPENCC> well, is about to start
10:39 < Will> Your ahead Tim 😉
10:39 < TimBruijnzeels_RIPENCC> Yes, too eager
10:39 < dnshane> Address policy is indeed exciting. 😉
10:40 < TimBruijnzeels_RIPENCC> Gert Doering is presenting "Discussion of open policy proposals"
10:40 < TimBruijnzeels_RIPENCC> and now Remco has started for real
10:45 < TimBruijnzeels_RIPENCC> Remco van Mook has asked for questions.
10:51 < GPF> Sebastian Wiesinger speaking for himself: Board Members are still part of the community and I don't know how they could possibly influence the proposal. There is no consensus coming from the board.
10:51 < GPF> TimBruijnzeels_RIPENCC: forget it, it seems I have a telepatic link to the chairs
10:51 < Will> 😉
10:51 * GPF sits quietly in the corner
10:51 < TimBruijnzeels_RIPENCC> I was about to ask
10:51 < TimBruijnzeels_RIPENCC> about your link 😉
10:54 < GPF> TimBruijnzeels_RIPENCC: I will try to use it for the greater good.
10:57 < mem-Netnod> Nurani knows everything about fotball 🙂
10:58 < dnshane> I look forward to the documentary: "Offsides: Kicking Policy Development in the Head"
11:00 < GPF> I will be so glad when the pool is empty so we can stop with all this drama
11:02 < dnshane> GPF: yeah... while I think it was not responsible of ARIN to not have any policy to save space for new entrants (the last /8 policy), there is a lot of attraction about just burning it all and being done with the mess.
11:04 < GPF> dnshane: I know, and I feel bad because I kind of envy them
11:04 < jzp> remco: ITYM have bush handle the archive
11:04 < ripe091> I guese as soon as RIPE control such polices - the control the market, but they says that it;s like comunity control... that's looks not fair from ripe
11:04 < ripe091> if they give away all IPv4 space- then people will have ability to diside without ripe
11:05 < dnshane> Policy revoked because of bad behavior? That makes me very sad. :'(
11:05 < ripe091> and no limitations for tranfers needed
11:06 < ripe091> LIR registration statistics shows that there was no significant change in the stats with 22 limitations or without limitattions
11:07 < dnshane> To be clear, I am completely agnostic about Remco's proposal, but it strikes me as a failure of us as a community that he felt that he had to abandon it.
11:08 < GPF> dnshane: the problem is that there is a "part of the community" that is not interested in the community
11:08 < TimBruijnzeels_RIPENCC> Maximilian Wilhelm has begun the presentation "2016-04 IPv6 PI Sub-Assignment Clarification".
11:10 < sjms> As chairs we are very sad Remco felt he had to abandon the proposal, but we fully support and understand his decision
11:10 < sjms> But yes, it $%^&*() me off
11:15 < TimBruijnzeels_RIPENCC> Gert Doering has asked for RIPE NCC for clarifications, and following that questions.
11:22 < TimBruijnzeels_RIPENCC> Nick Hilliard has begun the presentation "Supermarket Checkouts, Airline Hand-Luggage and Other Trivia ".
11:32 < TimBruijnzeels_RIPENCC> Nick Hilliard has asked for questions.
11:33 < ripe694> How is ARIN doing this? They already have zero IPv4 addresses and a queue
11:34 < TimBruijnzeels_RIPENCC> The chairs just closed the line of questions
11:35 < jzp> ripe694: we have a waiting list
11:36 < jzp> simple fifo
11:36 < jzp> see
11:37 < ripe694> OK, thanks
11:38 < TimBruijnzeels_RIPENCC> This session has now ended.