12:07 < marcoh-ripencc> Hello all, good day, I am marco and monitoring this session on behalf of the group
12:08 < marcoh-ripencc> should you have any comments or questions for me to relay to the floor, please indicate so and provide me with your name, affiliation and a clear statement to read out
12:08 < marcoh-ripencc> at which point I will try and do my best to get on the queue
12:18 < marcoh-ripencc> any questions for Andrea?
12:19 < marcoh-ripencc> The chair explained process: he wants 10 minutes on each item
12:19 < marcoh-ripencc> so starting with the implementation plan regarding ASN return
12:19 < marcoh-ripencc> any comments or question regarding slide 7
12:21 < marcoh-ripencc> ) so I can obtain a queue position on the specific item
12:22 < marcoh-ripencc> slides are online)
12:26 < marcoh-ripencc> anything on item 2: "LIRs with multiple IPv6 allocations"?
12:31 < marcoh-ripencc> Looks like they are moving pretty fast, happy to also take comments on "IPv6 first and additional allocation policy out of sync?" now
12:33 < marcoh-ripencc> they opened on item 3
12:37 < marcoh-ripencc> queue is drying up, which means we will soon move up to the last item
12:37 < marcoh-ripencc> Transfers of Legacy
12:52 < marcoh-ripencc> we are moving on
12:52 < marcoh-ripencc> next up is Erik Bais on "Consequences of the End of IPv4"
13:00 < Aziraphale> Sascha Luck, speaking for myself: I'd like to support a move to concentrate all policy work in a central P-WG
13:01 < Aziraphale> also a note - there is already a v6-related proposal in APWG, not IPv6-WG
13:01 < Aziraphale> 2016-04
13:03 < marcoh-ripencc> You want me to repeat that on Mic?
13:03 < Aziraphale> please do
13:03 < marcoh-ripencc> ack, will queue up when it opens
13:04 < brian-1213> Well, we should be deprecating v6WG and bringing that stuff into APwG or Routing or whatever.
13:04 < brian-1213> But I don't believe that will happen any time soon.
13:07 < Aziraphale> thanks, marcoh-ripencc
13:09 < marcoh-ripencc> BTW: I have a queue position for myself, apologies for that
13:09 < marcoh-ripencc> if somebody also wants a comment, please say and I can try and fix a second one
13:14 < Aziraphale> LEGACY-WG, why not?
13:19 < Aziraphale> what would be the forum for this diecussion? Do we need a META-WG?
13:27 < marcoh-ripencc> as we are near the end, if there is any other comment to relay please say so now
13:27 < marcoh-ripencc> They are closing the mics
13:30 < marcoh-ripencc> Thank you all
13:30 < marcoh-ripencc> Gert is closing up