12:02 < Robert_NCC> Hello. Welcome to the Open Source Working Group session. My name is Robert
12:02 < Robert_NCC> from the RIPE NCC. I will be monitoring chat during this session. If you
12:02 < Robert_NCC> have a question or comment, I can read it out for you. Please make your
12:02 < Robert_NCC> questions as clear as possible. I will read out any questions when the
12:02 < Robert_NCC> speaker asks for questions at the end of his/her presentation. Please note
12:02 < Robert_NCC> that all chat transcripts will be archived and made available to the public.
12:06 < Robert_NCC> Christoph Dietzel has begun the presentation "PCAP BGP Parser".
12:21 < Robert_NCC> Christoph has asked for questions.
12:25 < Robert_NCC> The presentation has ended.
12:25 < Robert_NCC> Sander Steffann has begun the presentation "DHCPKit presentation".
12:45 < Robert_NCC> Sander has asked for questions.
12:47 < Robert_NCC> The presentation has ended.
12:47 < Robert_NCC> Ondřej Surý has begun the presentation "Automated management of Continuous Integration Jobs".
13:00 < Robert_NCC> Ondřej has asked for questions.
13:01 < Robert_NCC> The presentation has ended.
13:01 < Robert_NCC> Gert Doering has begun the presentation "OpenVPN Update: 2.4_alpha2 Release, Overview of New Features".
13:12 < dnshane> Better IPv6 for OpenVPN is quite exciting. Maybe finding a VPN vendor that supports IPv6 will be possible in the future... 😛
13:13 < Robert_NCC> Gert has asked for questions.
13:14 < ripe766> jumped in late to the discussion, so if it hasn't been asked/explained before, will we be able to push IPv6 DNS servers? like the dhcp options with IPv4 in openvpn?
13:15 < Robert_NCC> I can ask this, but name/affiliation please
13:16 < Dan> just a customer of a LIR
13:19 < Robert_NCC> The presentation has ended.
13:19 < Dan> Thanks!
13:19 < Robert_NCC> no problem
13:19 < Robert_NCC> Nick Hillard has begun the presentation "Bird's Eye: A Simple Secure Micro Service for Querying Bird".
13:21 < Artur> What's the address for xmpp?
13:29 < Robert_NCC> Nick has asked for questions.
13:31 < Robert_NCC> The presentation has ended.
13:31 < Robert_NCC> This session has now ended.