15:01 < jasper_RIPENCC> Hello, welcome to the DNS working group session. My name is Jasper den Hertog. will be monitoring chat during this session. If you have a question or comment, I can read it out for you. Please make your questions as clear as possible.
15:02 < jasper_RIPENCC> I will read out any questions when the speaker asks for questions at the end of his/her presentation. Please note that all chat transcripts will be archived and made available to the public on
15:03 < jasper_RIPENCC> Anand Buddhev has started the presentation 'RIPE NCC DNS Update'
15:27 < jasperdenhertog_RIPENCC> Presenter Anand Buddhev has asked for questions
15:28 < Habbie> a smarter way of saying no is the aggressive use draft in ietf dnsop
15:28 < Habbie>
15:29 < jasperdenhertog_RIPENCC> Presenter Anand Buddhev has ended his presentation
15:29 < Habbie> and powerdns recursor has settings that can reduce NXDOMAIN load on the roots (root-nx-trust=yes)
15:29 < jasperdenhertog_RIPENCC> Presenter Ondřej Surý has started his presentation 'OMG! A DNS Firewall!'
15:31 < jasperdenhertog_RIPENCC> @Habbie, sorry, your comment was too late to read out in the room.
15:34 < Habbie> jasperdenhertog_RIPENCC: understood
15:34 < Habbie> jasperdenhertog_RIPENCC: i'll let anand know in another way
15:35 < jasperdenhertog_RIPENCC> I can also convey the message to him if you want it
15:35 < Habbie> yes please
15:35 < Habbie> he will know where to find me if he has questions 🙂
15:35 < Habbie> (Peter van Dijk, PowerDNS)
15:35 < jasperdenhertog_RIPENCC> Ok, I will
15:35 < Habbie> thank you
15:35 < ripe178> Hello, question with probably a bit more than 30 seconds delay:
15:37 < Habbie> ripe178: your question did not actually come through
15:37 < ripe178> hmmm, was my question received?
15:37 < ripe178> ah moment
15:38 < ripe178> Leo Vandwoestijne, unspecific affiliations, but let's call me operator.
15:38 < ripe178> I've been using knot-resolver since a while, and made very nice setups already, that before were virtually impossible to create. So my compliments and thanks for making this.
15:38 < ripe178> Q1a: when will the next release be, Q1b: will it have dnstap support already?
15:38 < ripe178> Q2: dnsdist of B.V. is also nice Lua tool to filter specific abuse. But asides filtering it's a nice way to configure failover. Personally I'm more in favor of reply instantly, and do load balancing with eBGP or iBGP. However, can we expect similair load-balancing functionality?
15:38 < jasperdenhertog_RIPENCC> I can see your comment now. Do you want me to read it out?
15:39 < ripe178> yes please.
15:39 < Habbie> hi Leo 🙂
15:39 < ripe178> Sounds like you can pronounce my name correct 😉
15:39 < jasperdenhertog_RIPENCC> I will have to have an organization please
15:39 < ripe178> unicycle
15:39 < jasperdenhertog_RIPENCC> I'm dutch, so no problems there
15:39 < jasperdenhertog_RIPENCC> Although, it sounds a bit flemish, if I'm not mistaken?
15:40 < ripe178> correct, that's where the root is when family names were demanded.
15:40 < Habbie> ripe178: we like dnsdist + exabgp for redunancy + balancing
15:44 < ripe178> with delay - thank you
15:45 < jasperdenhertog_RIPENCC> Presenter Ondřej Surý has ended his presentation
15:45 < jasperdenhertog_RIPENCC> Presenter Jaap Akkerhuis has started his presentation 'Impact of New gTLD on the Root System - Preliminary Results'
15:46 < ripe178> yes, I tried exabgp, but personally prefer the knot console, and the config options with Knot provide.
15:47 < Habbie> so you'd want knot to 'own' the bgp?
15:47 < Habbie> we've been pondering that question for dnsdist
15:47 < Habbie> (Peter van Dijk, PowerDNS)
15:48 < jasperdenhertog_RIPENCC> @Habbie, sorry, again too late, but I can relay the question to the presenter in person later on if you want to.
15:49 < Habbie> jasperdenhertog_RIPENCC: this was a question for ripe178, but thank you
15:49 < jasperdenhertog_RIPENCC> ok
15:55 < kb_> Well.
16:00 < kb_> Quite hard to follow.
16:02 < ripe178> sorry. The interface is a bit difficult to. @Habbie let's talk soon.
16:11 < kb_> What a lousy presentation.
16:11 < jasperdenhertog_RIPENCC> Presenter Jaap Akkerhuis asked for questions
16:11 < jasperdenhertog_RIPENCC> Presenter Jaap Akkerhuis ended his presentation
16:12 < jasperdenhertog_RIPENCC> This DNS has ended. The next DNS session will start at 17:00