12:04 < Ingrid_RIPENCC> The session has started. My name is Ingrid Wijte, RIPE NCC, and I am monitoring this session. If you have a question and/or comment, let me know if you want me to read it out for you. In that case, please state your name and affiliation.
12:05 < Ingrid_RIPENCC> Brian Nisbet will read out the results of the PC election now
12:05 < Ingrid_RIPENCC> Geoff Huston, APNIC has started his presentation "IPv6 Performance ā€“ Revisited".
12:07 < dnshane> Hello everyone. I'd like to remind you to please rate the various talks. You can do this at after you have logged in with your RIPE NCC Access account.
12:15 < dnshane> Take the stats about China with a big grain of salt. Google Ads basically don't work in China because Google is blocked by the Great Firewall.
12:16 < dnshane> Of course, IPv6 is basically unavailable in China so it doesn't matter if TCP succeeds or not. :'(
12:28 < Ingrid_RIPENCC> Geoff has asked for questions.
12:34 < Ingrid_RIPENCC> Gabriel Lucas has started his lightning talk "Sustainability in Initial Results of the Implementation of the Cost-Sharing System"
12:38 * Slimey-42689-3213 apologises for rolling out broken IPv6, and emails Geoff Huston to find out what we're doing wrong šŸ™‚
12:39 * rhe-786 had noticed the Cablecom figures. šŸ™‚
12:40 < dotwaffle> a brief anecdote... when we started announcing v6 space and doing testing on some internal services, we found that almost all of the v6 traffic was dragged to Perth, WA, AU. Turns out that Telstra advertised our prefixes to HE, who advertised them at AMS-IX, who many picked up and dragged all the traffic from Europe down there. Fun times šŸ˜‰
12:43 < jelte> ouch
12:44 < Ingrid_RIPENCC> Gabriel has asked for questions
12:44 < Ingrid_RIPENCC> Evgeny Uskov, Qrator Labs has started his lightning talk "Global Looking Glass or BGP Graph for Humans"
12:45 < jelte> i recently debugged a network problem where an ISPs CPE somehow managed to negotiate ipv6 addresses from a competitor
12:45 < Aziraphale> lol
12:45 < jelte> did not let through traffic, unfortunately šŸ™‚
12:45 < Aziraphale> one way of rolling ipv6, just steal it from the competition
12:47 < dotwaffle> jelte: the number of really trivial functionality that was just broken in v6 compared to v4 has been quite shocking. Thankfully we're working with both (linux) kernel devs and network vendors to try and deal with these issues, but I'd have hoped a v6 rollout would be easier. Hopefully the work we're doing will make it easier for others when they get to that stage!
12:49 < jelte> kudos šŸ™‚
12:50 < Slimey-42689-3213> thank the lord for happy-eyeballs šŸ™‚
12:50 < dotwaffle> Slimey-42689-3213: well, when the happy eyeballs timeout is 300ms... šŸ˜‰
12:51 < dotwaffle> perth is *slightly* less far away from london than amsterdam plus 300ms is šŸ˜‰
12:52 < dotwaffle> depends if telstra takes it via sydney or not šŸ˜‰
12:54 < Ingrid_RIPENCC> Evgeny has asked for questions
12:56 < Ingrid_RIPENCC> Doyle Court Reporters has started the lightning talk "The Art of Stenography"
12:59 < dotwaffle> i'll be giving a standing ovation at the end of it, please don't let me be the only one šŸ˜‰
12:59 < jelte> +1
13:00 < dotwaffle> such wonderful people, i quite often have to read the transcription because *I* didn't hear the speaker properly. The fact their dictionary has DHCP MPLS SDN... hehe
13:02 < Ingrid_RIPENCC> questions?
13:02 < Aziraphale> Oh laugh coke man! lol
13:02 < Aziraphale> comes up in court a lot, I bet ;D
13:07 < Ingrid_RIPENCC> Menno Schepers, RIPE NCC has started his presentation "RIPE NCC Technical Report"
13:11 < brian-1213> "A bit more trouble."
13:12 < brian-1213> If you look down you'll see that absolute swamp that is the 2.4Ghz spectrum...
13:13 < leslie> haha, google maps thinks iā€™m in the okura right now!
13:13 < Aziraphale> tell me about it, just debugged massive interference here at home. Noise floor is -85dB šŸ™
13:13 < Aziraphale> and the AP does not do 5GHz
13:14 < Ingrid_RIPENCC> menno asked for questions
13:15 < Ingrid_RIPENCC> Hans Petter Holen, RIPE Chair has started the Closing remarks
13:24 < Aziraphale> latin yet
13:35 < Ingrid_RIPENCC> the meeting has ended